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I write software that automates data management tasks to reduce errors and save labor. For example, you may need to compile an end-of-day report using data in multiple spreadsheets. I can give you a custom utility that automatically reads the files, processes the data, and emails reports to your team members in Excel or PDF format.

If your business routinely uses Excel for data processing and reporting, there are probably great opportunities to save labor and improve consistency. For more about this, here is a good presentation by Chris Moffitt: Escaping Excel Hell...

My deliverables include the source code in addition to Windows executible files. After our projects are completed, you can contract with me to make updates and further customizations. Otherwise, I can provide consultation as necessary to help your team members update the code.

Projects I deliver can have an easy GUI interface and are delivered to you as executable files. See The Flashcard Project as an example.

I am available for freelance projects via UpWork.

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